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Ads send Coupons to Smartphone

Fujitsu has launched a new technology that transfers coupons or links to websites with more information to TV viewers' smartphones during advertising breaks. more

App collects Experiences in Multimedia Albums

The iPhone app from the New York start-up Moment aggregates related photos, videos and tweets from different social networks and organises them into multimedia albums. more

Winning Products With Mobile Scratch Cards

The provider of location-based services Gettings offers companies the chance to book mobile advertising campaigns in stores that playfully connect their customers to brands. more

Getting Real – Time Relevant Info On The Phone

The company "Expect Labs" develops software modules that analyse the spoken words in telephone calls or video chats and automatically provide the users with relevant information in real time. more

Tablet Magazines With Shopping Features

FlipBoard offering "social catalogs" with integrated shopping features. more

In-Store Interaction Through Mobile Real-Time Deals

The New York start-up Swarm provides retailers with a cloud-based web platform that enables them to send their customers mobile offers in real time. more

Shopping Parties for the Smartphone

The online marketplace Poshmark lets users of its iPhone and iPad app browse, buy and sell certain products during so-called "posh parties". more

Live Stream from Smartphone in one Click

"TapIn" is an app that lets users stream videos to the web in real time simply by clicking on a button. more

App creates Bookmarks on favourite Locations

An iPhone and Android app called "Grafetee" from the Finnish company Rakettitiede enables users to create feeds for their favourite locations. more

Phone Calls with Photo Displays

The Californian start-up DabKick offers a mobile app that makes it easy for users to share photos on their smartphones with the people they are talking or chatting to. more

Paying by Mobile Phone Number

The start-up payvia makes it possible to pay on the web simply by entering a mobile phone number. The service will be made available to developers of mobile and web applications, as well as online retailers. more

Facebook Interface shows Top Posts

Best Practice The Berlin-based app developer Loui App has developed a new mobile interface for Facebook that allows users to search through friendlists and content on the site based on criteria such as relationship statu more

Smartphones become virtual Basketballs

Best Practice In order to appeal to a younger target group, the ING-DiBa bank, which is the official sponsor of both the German Basketball Federation and star player Dirk Nowitzki, recently gave visitors to basketball ev more

QR Campaign waits for right Light

Best Practice The South Korean supermarket chain E-Mart recently made special lunchtime offers via QR codes to shoppers in a campaign called “Sunny Sale”. The codes were distributed at 13 locations and could more

Draw something integrates Brands

Best Practice The gaming network Zynga is now including advertising brands directly into its mobile app “Draw Something” and letting users draw the brand names. The app shows users words that they have to tur more

Real-Time Offers from American Express

American Express is using the app "MyOffer" to send its customers offers in real time. more

Bidding with sweat from Jogging

To promote Nike's "Make It Count" campaign, JWT Mexico recently launched an auction site that enables users to bid for products using the amount of kilometres they have run instead of money. more

Paypal Develops App with Petrol Station Chain

MLOVE Trends. PayPal and Cumberland Farms recently teamed up to develop an app that enables users to both pay for their petrol and get discounts on it. more

Saving Money When Going Out With Friends

MLOVE Trends. JoynIn offers an app that enables users to get special deals in bars or restaurants based on the number of people they go out with. more

Smartphone Tracking without Check-Ins

MLOVE Trends. Alohar Mobile has developed an app that automatically tracks users via GPS and Wi-Fi without them needing to check in. more

Drawing On Poster Via The Smartphone

MLOVE Trends. LOVE Labs has set up a digital poster in front of a window, allowing passers-by draw on it by scanning the displayed QR code. more

Google presents Augmented Reality Glasses

MLOVE Trends. Google presents the prototype of multifunctional augmented reality glasses. more

Earning Discounts by being Adventurous

Toyota launch a smartphone app called "Adventure Discount App" which enables users to discover the most adventurous locations in Belgium and earn discounts. more

Mobile Payments for everyone

Barclays Bank in the UK recently launched a mobile app called "Pingit" that makes it easier for customers to carry out payments via smartphone to the contacts in their address books. more

Shopping Wall for Beauty Products

Condé Nast has set up an interactive poster wall in New York that enables passers-by to buy cosmetics directly on their smartphones more