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You are working in the mobile business as a freelancer, entrepreneur, investor or journalist in a hot mobile city? Then you should join the MLOVE network and become one of the world’s leading editors on mobile business. Read below how our mobile editor system works and earn exclusive MLOVE perks. Apply today!

If you still have questions after filling out the application form, please do not hesitate to contact
Become an editor
We are looking for your submissions for the webpage every 1-2 weeks. Your content could run along the following formats:

  • pictures (mobile events in your city, cool new apps, mobile people, mobile lifestyle or what you carry around in your bag)
  • pictures plus a short description (on cool apps, awesome events, company news, mobile business people)
  • inspiring article feature (up to 2,000 characters)
  • video (interview or event summary, approx. 60-180 seconds)

How it works:

Your content will be published on a micropage devoted to your mobile city. Once we have received your first contribution you will be able to create an account on our website and upload new pictures or articles on the go. Please keep in mind to aim for new content from your city every 7 to 14 days. We are looking for news from the following mobile topics: music, inspiration, advertising, life style, trends.

Your benefit:

MLOVE offers you the opportunity to link your personal profile to the exciting mobile image of your city. As local editor-in-chief MLOVE supports you with all necessary equipment (press badges, How-Tos for video upload, branding etc.). But there is one more thing, too: As MLOVE editor for a hot mobile city you will be given a free ticket for the next MLOVE ConFestival in your nearest area!

Last words:

Any questions? Please do not hesitate and contact Please do also give us feedback on the idea of the renewed MLOVE editor programme as described above.

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