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Smart City Session @ WIRED Mobility Conference

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  On Thursday, October 15 2015 the MLOVE Smart City Salon – Logistics took place for the first time in the Kühne Logistics University in more

Gregory Delaune, CEO of UIX Global, is a specialist in ‘Innovation Ecosystem Development’. He helps build public-private partnerships for more

A holistic view about the way we move through the city. There would probably be no better location to kick off a Panel about the Future of Mobility th more

                          Guestpost by Jessica Oaks, Editor at Freshly Tech The Rise of Large more

The Potential Of Peer-To-Peer Payments

by Sanj Goyle – Co-Founder and CEO of BancBox Considering The Potential Of Peer-To-Peer Payments, Current Solutions Are Just Pocket Change   The mobile payments industry has serious potential, attracting many la more

The winning ticket

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The winning ticket

With the threshold of entry to the mobile app getting lower all the time, almost anyone with the right idea and some funding can develop their dream app. But take note: most apps require a sizeable team of programmers an more

The Secret To Enjoying Email On Your iPad

It’s no secret that I love my iPad. It’s my favorite tech toy, the device that I use every day for almost everything that I need to do online: check email, catch up on news, read magazines, watch videos, take picture more

Talkin’ ‘Bout M-Generation

The emerging era of mobile payments will eventually offer ubiquity, security and a seamless user experience to billions. But for now the reality remains a fragmented market of non-standardized and often difficult-to-use more

The future is shared … and green.

Rasheq Zarif of Mercedes-Benz Business Innovations will be at MLOVE ConFestival to highlight the undeniable impacts of collaborative consumption, the idea of car sharing and other mobility concepts. more

Quantified self in the mobile era

How many minutes every day do you spend on walking? And on the bus or train? How many store windows with products that might interest you do you just walk by? And how many posters do you see for shows you might like that more

Cracking the Code: What Makes A Killer Mobile App?

Picture two mobile apps – both are geared towards the same audience, with the same basic features and functionalities. On the surface they are almost identical. The only glaring difference is that one has a four-star r more

Staying Mobile During The Holidays

The Season Of Gifting  Put all your gifts, giving and wishing in the same place Gifting through wish lists is an easy way to gain insight into items people are coveting and how to make their wishes come true! Toast is a more

MLOVE at Europe’s largest Tech Conference.

Brewster - the new mobile rolodex for people in our lives. The app aims to improve the quality in which we keep in touch with everyone we meet and have already known. more

MLOVE Video Release: A Lifestyle of Mobility

‘A Lifestyle of Mobility’ is bringing together voices from the mobile industry that are sharing an optimistic vision more

Mobile Trend Report curated by 80+ trend scouts

Finding the disruptive trends around the world is hard. How do you stay on top of the constant stream on news and noise in you Twitter, Facebook and other social media streams? MLOVE has announced a new service that is f more

Kei Shimada, Mobile Culture in Japan

The very near future of mobile has already arrived. In Japan. Mobile in- ternet, cameras, and MMS are just a few of the innovations that originated here. 9 out of 10 Japanese residents use mobile data services—approxim more

Dr. Bernd Becker, Mobility @Volkswagen

Volkswagen has successfully implemented brand initiatives through taking the sales process online and mobile. In 2009, the Volkswagen Golf GTI was the first automobile to be launched digitally. Over 5 million downloads e more

Zoltan Bickel, Supermobile with LTE Turbo-Internet

“LTE is the new super-mobile network,” says Zoltan Bickel, LTE Director for Vodafone Germany. “LTE operates at a lower frequency, offering a larger reach. What applications are possible over this massive bandwith h more

Adele Waugaman, Mobilizing Development

When disaster strikes, mobile technology can play a critical role in both rescue and relief efforts. Mobile technology connects three times as many people as landlines. The United Nations and Vodafone have joined forces more

Daniel Graf

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Daniel Graf

Technology is not everything – even those at the forefront of mobile understand this crucial truth. But mo- bile technology can change lives, and the opportunity to do so expands every day. “It is now entirely possib more