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Party on the Beach with MLOVE

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Tom von Oudenaarden, piercer and body modification artist, got introduced to RFID implantable chips by in 2013. He loves to speak more

  Joel Curado Silveirinha, Head of PMO, IoE of Cities from Cisco, makes you think about what makes a city a city. From his experiences with lot o more

With a successful ConFestival 2015 just few days behind us, MLOVE already has the next big Future City Campus event in store: Hamburg’s first Maker more

We started our journey with a container on the MLOVE castle courtyard in 2010 as a world premiere – now the MLOVE campus is here for the MLOVE tribe more

MLOVE ConFestival – beyond Mobility

The opportunities in the Internet of Things are bigger than mobile and we have always pushed the limits beyond our Lifestyle of Mobility. Our topics were: Internet of Things, Urban Development, SmartCity, SmartHome, Life more

Future Fashion at MLOVE ConFestival 2015

POP UP Fashion Bln headed to Hamburg to take part in the MLOVE ConFestival Europe 2015. They hosted a FashionTechPopUp in a shipping container in the Future City Campus in Hamburg’s Hafen City. We’ve been sho more

This will be our new home for the next year

This was our biggest endeavor ever – we had built a new “castle” from sea containers, had our conference in a theater tent, and were adding a boat party as the grand finale. This will be our new home for th more

Inspiring speakers at MLOVE ConFestival

We welcomed a cool bunch of creative and inspiring people from economy, art and science from all over the world, engaged in SmartCity, SmartHome, Mobility or the Internet of Things. See all speakers at flickr! more

Hamburg’s Future at FutureCity Campus

Today’s event was dedicated to the question of how Hamburg can win the Olympic Games. MLOVE as curator and organizer invited 25 teenagers aged 10 to 18 years old to dialogue with 5 company representatives. The Futu more

FutureCity Campus is open!

With a „Richtfest“ as a solemn opening ceremony for the “FutureCity Campus”, the organizer MLOVE welcomed his guests on the Baakenhöft in Hamburgs HafenCity. Senator Frank Horch gave the opening speech, more

Harald shows you around the construction site

Meet Harald Neidhardt, Curator of ConFestival in Hamburg’s HafenCity. He shows you around the construction site of MLOVE ConFestival (June 24 – 26, 2015). MLOVE is building a new event experience in Hamburg’ more

Catch the Early Bird for MLOVE ConFestival 2015 in Hamburg

MLOVE ConFestival & Future City Campus June 24 – 26, 2015 – HafenCity, Hamburg You like SmartCity and intelligent technologies? Do you see also opportunities beyond Mobile in IoT? This year Hamburg will be the s more

The Official After Movie of M – The MLOVE Forum 2015

The MLOVE Forum got started in May 2015 like a time machine into the future. MLOVE was presenting provocative insights in robotic, moon mission, biohacking, DNA, brands and the latest of the Internet of Things and Mobile more

MLOVE Smart City Salon – SmartHome

Apartimentum – living in the future Author: Jacey Bingler, Behind an original Wilhelminian style façade in Mittelweg 169 lies the future of living, the Apartimentum. What is currently still a constructi more

MLOVE showcases the future @ MWC 2015

The future was on display this year at the MLOVE MWC 2015 booth at 4yfn in Barcelona, Spain. Exhibits and demos included Rambus lensless smart sensors (LSS), Mimi, a smart hearing test app for the iPhone, Dacuda’s more

The Wearable World

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The Wearable World

Laura Swallow reports from GLAZED Conference, San Francisco It’s clear to many of us these days that wearables are the hot new thing in Silicon Valley. From the brightly colored Jawbone Up and Nike Fuel bands, to the h more

MLOVE Pulse Week 29

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MLOVE Pulse Week 29

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MLOVE Pulse Week 28

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MLOVE Pulse Week 28

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MLOVE Pulse Week 27

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MLOVE Pulse Week 27

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MLOVE Pulse Week 26

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MLOVE Pulse Week 26

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MLOVE Pulse Week 24

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MLOVE Pulse Week 24

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MLOVE Pulse Week 22

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MLOVE Pulse Week 22

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