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Mobile Remote Control for YouTube

A mobile app called "Clik" enables the streaming and remote control of YouTube clips on internet-enabled displays. more

Watching MTV on the go

MTV is now offering a mobile app called "MTV under the thumb" for iOS devices too, ensuring that MTV fans can access their favourite show wherever they are. more

MLOVE from Mobile World Congress 2012

MLOVE is proud to present an overview of the most inspiring interviews from Mobile World Congress 2012. more

Mobile Trend Report curated by 80+ trend scouts

Finding the disruptive trends around the world is hard. How do you stay on top of the constant stream on news and noise in you Twitter, Facebook and other social media streams? MLOVE has announced a new service that is f more

App for tactful phone calls

Telekom Innovation Laboratories in Germany have launched a mobile application called "Tactful Calling" that enables users to select the topic and urgency of a call and also allows the people called to politely decline ca more

QR code app replaces loyalty cards

"Perx" is an app that uses QR codes in such a way as to make conventional customer cards completely unnecessary. more

Augmented voting for new chocolate bar

The food company Nestlé is using an augmented reality app to let customers vote on a new flavour for its "KitKat Chunky" bar. more

Smart tags make life easier

Sony Ericsson has developed small buttons that can interact with the user's phone via Near Field Communication (NFC) and enact a set of actions at specific locations. more