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MWC Highlights – Future of Mobility & Meaning

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It’s Barcelona time again. MLOVE will be hosting a 30 sqm booth dedicated to the latest findings and inventions all around the Internet of Things, S more

WIRED Mobility Conference, Berlin November 26, 2015 WIRED organized their first conference in Germany in Berlin and choose the topic of Mobility as th more

  What is your Future Vision about living in 2024? How can technology change our health care system, our home, traveling and communication? What more

Mark Dare Schmiedel, CEO of LTF Lofts to go, is a former real estate broker. His passion returned to architecture during the construction of his perso more

CALL FOR MAKERS: What is your Future Vision?

MLOVE MAKER CITY FEST 25+26 September 2015 We are pleased to invite creative makers and their projects to showcase during our Maker City Fest in Hamburg. If you like to be considered, please get in touch with sissy@mlov more

The Maker City Movement – Cities as platforms

Peter Hirshberg, CEO of Re:Imagine Group, is talking about the Maker City Movement at MLOVE ConFestival 2015. Some great background and inspiration to bring your ideas and great people, products & projects to the MLO more

Hamburg’s Future at FutureCity Campus

Today’s event was dedicated to the question of how Hamburg can win the Olympic Games. MLOVE as curator and organizer invited 25 teenagers aged 10 to 18 years old to dialogue with 5 company representatives. The Futu more

FutureCity Campus is open!

With a „Richtfest“ as a solemn opening ceremony for the “FutureCity Campus”, the organizer MLOVE welcomed his guests on the Baakenhöft in Hamburgs HafenCity. Senator Frank Horch gave the opening speech, more

Harald shows you around the construction site

Meet Harald Neidhardt, Curator of ConFestival in Hamburg’s HafenCity. He shows you around the construction site of MLOVE ConFestival (June 24 – 26, 2015). MLOVE is building a new event experience in Hamburg’ more

Catch the Early Bird for MLOVE ConFestival 2015 in Hamburg

MLOVE ConFestival & Future City Campus June 24 – 26, 2015 – HafenCity, Hamburg You like SmartCity and intelligent technologies? Do you see also opportunities beyond Mobile in IoT? This year Hamburg will be the s more

The Official After Movie of M – The MLOVE Forum 2015

The MLOVE Forum got started in May 2015 like a time machine into the future. MLOVE was presenting provocative insights in robotic, moon mission, biohacking, DNA, brands and the latest of the Internet of Things and Mobile more

Burning air miles as calories

The BalticMiles loyalty programme rewards air travellers who burn the calorie count equal to the air miles of their last flight through sport within 24 hours after landing. more

Shopping by push message

3YZ has created the “Push Store” for Lojas Renner, Brazil’s biggest clothing manufacturer. It sends users a push message every time a new article comes in. The company wishes to draw attention to the fa more

iPad App provides overlooked news

The iPad app "Track180" from the start-up of the same name connects users to sites containing news articles about relatively little known topics and thereby helps publishers to generate page views. more

Beer glass with Facebook integration

The beer company Budweiser is testing a beer glass in Brazil called "The Buddy Cup", which automatically makes people Facebook friends when they touch glasses. more

Wi-Fi balloon brings shopping coupons

The South Korean retail chain E-Mart has sent remote-controlled helium balloons out into the streets and shopping centres, enabling customers to connect to the Wi-Fi signal and download coupons. more

Adverts in tumblr microblogs

Users of the photo blog platform Tumblr will soon have mobile advertisements inserted into their updates, and they will largely look like normal posts. Users of smartphone apps will first see up to four spots per day, an more

Nike shoes adapt to instagram pictures

Nike has teamed up with Instagram to create an HTML5 app called "Nike PhotoiD". Users of the app can interactively configure their future Air Max shoes by selecting a photo from their own Instagram profile, whereupon "Ni more

Apps pay for themselves through location data

The Seattle-based company Placed specialises in location-based analysis and has just launched "Placed Affiliate" to enable developers to make money from their apps even without advertising. Users of participating apps ar more

Music Recognition Service Indentifies Fashion

The music identification service Shazam has been updated to include a feature called "Shazam for TV", which enables users not just to read cast biographies and trivia about TV shows, but also to access information about more

Car insurance based on driving style

  The “StreetOwl” mobile app, developed by the American company of the same name, enables drivers to match their car insurance to the way they drive and save themselves some money. First of all, the app more

Domino’s Pizza box with augmented reality

The pizza delivery service Domino's Pizza has added an augmented reality app featuring the virtual pop star Hatsune Miku to its packaging in Japan. more

Automatic connects cars to smartphones

The iPhone application Automatic connects a car's on-board diagnostics computer with a smartphone. more

Virtual shopping in a local shop

The start-up "Emmas Enkel" recently launched an augmented reality shopping pilot project in cooperation with the mobile phone company Vodafone. more