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MLOVE confestival 2015

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When it comes to native apps versus mobile web the question is not what we prefer, but rather what is available. The answer; however, can be found in more

Whether we like it or not, the world around us has become obsessed with sharing every moment with everyone. Entire lives are documented to the minute more

I bet most of you wished if your phone/tablet had Windows Mobile when you saw those tiles and its sleekly interface for the first time. Well, I did ðŸ more

Experience design is borne out of the need to do things better, but approaching it through anger and frustration – or as a singular entity – will more

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Service design in the era of hyper-connectivity

MLOVE speaker Mark Curtis is the Chief Client Officer of Fjord. Prior to the upcoming MLOVE ConFestival Europe (June 27-29) he found the time for this brief interview. MLOVE: Mark, we are looking forward to meeting you a more

Less Apps & More Context: Making Mobile Advertising More Mobile.

The way we target consumers through television doesn’t hold up online. And the idea of reformatting banner ads to be “optimized” for mobile devices is ludicrous. Yet this is the way brands are targeting mobile user more

CMO Agenda 2012: Mobilize Your Marketing

CMOs are challenged to keep up with the pace of innovation in digital services and social media: Is my brand conversational? Do I need shoppers to “like” me? Should I treat so-called consumers more like people? Is in more

Design Thinking: Accelerate Your Business

So how can you grab opportunities to accelerate your company to the next level in mobile? A question asked by founders and CMOs alike – charged with pushing a mobile strategy with engaging user experiences. We experien more

The Power of Networks – true added Value or just a Time Killer?

40 million, 850 million – these are impressive numbers if you look at the current amount of new users or users in certain social networks such as Google+ or Facebook. more

Martin Lange, mobile Shopper – armed to charmed

More than anything and at the highest level, mobile is about one thing: Communication. Whether its how we communicate with our friends & family, or how brands communicate their product, communication is at the heart more

Jonathan MacDonald

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Jonathan MacDonald

Changing the future begins with changing perceptions and behaviors. Is it easier than we think? “The vital ingredient for success in evolution is cooperation,” says Jonathan MacDonald, Founder of Every Single One Of more

Corvida Raven

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Corvida Raven

The possibilities with mobile are endless. Now it is only a question of how we put the power of mobile into the hands of everyone. “Mobile is still a luxury,” says Corvida Raven, part of the TED staff and founder of more

Ariel Geifman, 6 Facts You Need to Know about Mobile Ads

Principal Research Analyst, MediaMind In his role, Ariel provides insights and analysis to the online advertising community on industry trends, advertising effectiveness and performance benchmarks. He´s authored numerou more

Dr. Bernd Becker, Mobility @Volkswagen

Volkswagen has successfully implemented brand initiatives through taking the sales process online and mobile. In 2009, the Volkswagen Golf GTI was the first automobile to be launched digitally. Over 5 million downloads e more