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McDonald’s tables for wireless recharging

At selected branches of McDonald’s in Europe, smartphone users can now wirelessly recharge their phones while eating their meal. more

VW App measures & shares driving experience

Volkswagen has teamed up with Google and the creative agency Deutsch and launched a smartphone app called "Smileage" which measures the fun factor of every car journey. more

The mini-version of a smartphone

HTC offers an extra telephone called the "HTC Mini" which is supplied together with the "Butterfly" smartphone. more

Foursquare app for companies

The new Foursquare iPhone application "Foursquare for Business" allows shop owners and businesses to share local updates, access a list of recent visitors and their comments, and track analytics. more

Scan and play with cuddly toys on smartphone

“Scanimalz” are plush animal toys with a QR code that can be scanned to launch an adventure with the toy in a smartphone game. The app is freely available for Apple and Android devices. Games can be activated more

Pharmacy becomes part of AR game

Duane Reade now gives its customers the chance to play the augmented reality game "Ingress" in its stores. more

iPhone integration in Mercedes

The app Drive Kit Plus enables Mercedes drivers to extend their car's infotainment system with the help of an iPhone. more

McDonald’s shows Origins of Meals

McDonald's is offering its Australian customers a app called "TrackMyMacca's" that uses GPS and image recognition to provide information on the origin of the ingredients used. more

Lingerie Advert with self-deleting Video

Lingerie company Delta has exploited the automatic deleting feature for messages in Facebook's chat more

App plays Music on Twitter

"SoundTracking" is a mobile application for Android and iPhone that enables smartphone users to share their music automatically on Twitter. more

Discovering People and Places in San Francisco

The Californian online dating platform Tagged now offers a mobile application called “Sidewalk”, which allows users to capture and share interesting places and events in San Francisco. “Sidewalk” more

System sends clothes straight to fitting room

The menswear specialist Hointer from Seattle gives customers in its store the chance to order selected jeans and trousers directly to the fitting room from their smartphones. To ensure that customers have a good overview more

Music streaming service for smartphones

The London-based start-up has launched a music streaming service that specialises in smartphones. The service aims to offer both music on demand and automated radio. Users of the iOS app are greeted by a navigat more

Daring friends and donating Money         

The British non-profit organisation Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research lets the participants of its “Pledgeit” campaign challenge their friends to do things for a good cause. People first have to sign up via more

Snapping receipts to get Discounts

The Canadian start-up Checkout 51 offers an app for mobile couponing that enables users to get discounts on certain brands at a variety of supermarkets even if they don’t have coupons. With “Checkout 51” more

Second Display for iPhones

“popSLATE” is a protective case for Apple’s iPhone and it provides a rear-facing 4-inch E-Ink display. E-Ink display technology only needs power to change images and can therefore run for a long time on more

Listening to Music from the Clouds

Air France offers a mobile app called "Music in the Sky" that enables passengers to discover new music by pointing their smartphone camera towards the clouds. more

Digital Loyalty Program without an App

"Pirq" is a loyalty program that doesn't demand users to immediately install a mobile application and allows business operators to invigorate sales more

Creating Games in a real parallel World

"Eevoo" is a mixture of a strategy game and Foursquare for smartphones, using real maps as the playing area and featuring augmented reality to overlay gaming contents onto smartphones. more

Macy’s gets its own Navigation App

Macy's flagship store in New York is now getting its own navigation app that enables customers to find their way around the various floors more easily. more

Dancing for free Music

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Dancing for free Music

For the launch of his new album "18 Months", the British musician Calvin Harris has teamed up with the digital agency We Make Awesome Sh to offer a mobile app that enables users to listen to all the songs for free. more

Print Ad changes Colour and plays Music

Lexus has launched print advertising for the "Lexus 2013 ES" in which the car's colour can be changed, the headlights turned on and off & its interior displayed – all to music. more

Bottle Caps with RFID Chips

The British cider brand Strongbow has fitted bottle caps with RFID chips that trigger a variety of events in their surroundings. more

Influencing TV Ad using Hashtag and Twitter

As part of its "Mercedes-Benz #YOUDRIVE interactive ad campaign", the car manufacturer gave UK viewers of Mercedes Benz TV the chance to decide in real time how a TV commercial should continue. more

Touch-sensitive Case for the iPhone

The start-up Canopy has developed an iPhone case called "Sensus" that enables users to control the device from the back using their fingers. more