MLOVE Mobile Trend Report

MLOVE Mobile Trend Report June 2013

Burning air miles as calories

Best Practice

The BalticMiles loyalty programme rewards air travellers who burn the calorie count equal to the air miles of their last flight through sport within 24 hours after landing.

The app “Burn the Miles” connects users’ miles accounts with sports trackers such as Nike+, which are worn in shoes and armbands to measure the calories burnt. The app displays the current ratio between the miles of the last flight and the burnt calories, as well as the time remaining to burn the remainder.

If users are successful, they can share the time and calorie amount on social networks.

Initiator: SIA Baltic Miles, Latvia


Shopping by push message

Best Practice

3YZ has created the “Push Store” for Lojas Renner, Brazil’s biggest clothing manufacturer.

It sends users a push message every time a new article comes in. The company wishes to draw attention to the fact that it receives new items every day and not just at the beginning of the season. Users visit the “Push Store” tab on the manufacturer’s Facebook page and add it to their profile.

This allows them to buy items before they are out of stock – which, after the launch, occurred on average after two hours.

Initiator: Lojas Renner S.A., Brazil

iPad App provides overlooked news

Best Practice

The iPad app “Track180” from the start-up of the same name connects users to sites containing news articles about relatively little known topics and thereby helps publishers to generate page views.

The app shows news stories compiled by a team of journalists and categorised into specific themes that also come with contextual content from a variety of sources and a tool for calculating their media influence.

The main focus is on stories that have not yet been widely reported, particularly from the fields of politics, human rights and the environment.

Initiator: Track180 LLC, USA


Beer glass with Facebook integration

Best Practice

The beer company Budweiser is testing a beer glass in Brazil called “The Buddy Cup”, which automatically makes people Facebook friends when they touch glasses.

The concept is based on the idea that toasting is a sign of a new friendship. These special glasses feature a microchip integrated into the bottom with a QR code printed on it.

Users first take a photo using a smartphone app and thus connect the glass to their Facebook account. The chip in the glass then registers contact with another glass and establishes the new friendship.

Initiator: Anheuser-Busch Inc., Brazil


Wi-Fi balloon brings shopping coupons

Best Practice

The South Korean retail chain E-Mart has sent remote-controlled helium balloons out into the streets and shopping centres, enabling customers to connect to the Wi-Fi signal and download coupons.

The balloons had the same shape as the company’s mascot and featured a tag for free Wi-Fi reception. When people hooked up to the signal, they were forwarded to a website offering mobile coupons and the company’s own online shopping app.

In the regions where this campaign was staged, the retail sales rose by 9.5% and the sales in the online shop jumped by 157%.

Initiator: E-Mart Company Ltd., South Korea

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