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RedBull Gives you Music & Media

Interview with Martin Brem, Head of Audio Portfolio, RedBull Media House more

Beverly Jackson, The Recording Academy

Beverly is Director of Marketing & Social Media, The Recording Academy. She has a passion for mobile, social & brand marketing with a commitment to consumer engagement. more

Michael Breidenbruecker,  Co-founder,

Michael is a serial entrepreneur who co-founded Ltd. and managed the company as ceo from 2002 until 2005. more

Conrad Fritzsch, Founder and CEO of

Conrad Fritzsch, founder and CEO of, a Berlin-based online music television channel and Germany’s biggest music video platform. more

Martin Brem, Head of Audio Portfolio for Red Bull Media House

Martin Brem took his new post in April 2012 as Head of Audio Portfolio for Red Bull Media House in Salzburg. more

Stefan Zilch, Spotify Country Manager for Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Stefan has many years of experience in the fields of display marketing, social media, music and entertainment and mobile Internet. more

Mark Wheatley, Director of Music Experiences for Nokia

His journey in digital music started at OD2, a white-label music service founded by Peter Gabriel. After joining Nokia he helped create Comes With Music, the world's first unlimited music download service. more

Anthony Barba, Co-founder,

Anthony is an entrepreneur and social media architect. He has been reimagining applications of online data and real world engagement since the summer of 2002 when he launched a personalized SMS event guide to the Hampton more

Holger G. Weiss, CEO at AUPEO!

Holger has 10+ year track record in managing technology driven companies with focus on consumer centric services. He was with gate5 from the early days - a company active in mobile navigation. more

Carsten Steffen, CEO applaudTo

After 5 years in the digital video business at FAST Multimedia Carsten was the first DoubleClick employee in Germany more

Patrick Bosteels and Phantom

Patrick Bosteels Mobiles are great to discover new stuff. Patrick Bosteels is very keen on finding new music and demonstrated live the still very new NFC technology to the audience. Going from offline to online has never more

Guido Weiss aka DJ MAD

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Guido Weiss aka DJ MAD

DJ MAD has always been a tech freak fascinated by everything with buttons and lights. Climbing up daddy´s rooftop adjusting the antenna in order to be able to listen to Tim Westwoods Capital Rap Show on BFBS in the earl more


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Tommi Koskinen from Kitkaliitto and AudioDraft with Hanna Toivonen from Mukava Music and multiple jazzy singer/songwriter projects go together as Phantom. more

Mobile Soundtrack to your Life

  Michael Breidenbrücker – CEO, RJDJ (Co-Founder   Mobile has become a new platform for musicians and new music formats keep evolving. RJDJ’s Michael Breidenbrücker introduced his very own 21 more

Gabi is like a social media hairdresser

Stefanie Hoffmann and Marguerite Imbert Stefanie Hoffmann and Marguerite Imbert premiered their brand new Facebook filter app “Gabi”. Being overwhelmed by the daily influx of likes, shares and comments we need to rea more

Bo Thomasen, Marketing & Development, Roskilde Festival, Denmark

Bo has been working at the Roskilde Festival since 2008, focusing on the development and implementation of on- and off-site digital strategies at the festival. more

Chips & Pizza Pie: Mobile Hardware

Sylvie Barak, Editor at EE Times Have you ever thought of computer chip production as a pizza? Well, Silvie Barak does and here comes her recipe: Chips are crust, add some OS as sauce and top it with apps. The big questi more

New Trends in Mobile TV

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New Trends in Mobile TV

Björn Woltermann Mobile TV is great, but gets very tricky when it comes to our individual data plans. One hour of HD mobile TV can consume up to one Gigabyte. LTE is a exciting new technology, but needs to be refinanced more

MLOVE ConFestival Europe Startup Competition

Arash Houshmand explained how “10 stamps” connect small-business owners to the ability of mobile networks. Users scan digital stamps at the POS with their app and receive rewards. Stamp carts are the past, now the di more

The most amazing time of human history

Yuri van Geest – Quantified Self & Sensors Hollywood movies like Gattaca and Prometheus are not science fiction anymore, but will become true within the next five to ten yours. Yuri van Geest from Google’s a more

If we use mobile devices right, we can change our future

Jonathan MacDonald – Inspirational The most powerful mobile communication device for centuries has been the African drum. But mere words are not enough to let messages travel across communities and large distances. more

5 Ways to Improve Networking at Events

Conferences, meet-ups, business events – They can all be lots of fun. Time off from the office, great food, interesting discussions and lots of booze, but we cannot forget what is really important about these event more

MLOVE ConFestival invites European Digital Leaders to celebrate Innovation & Passion for Mobile

Mobile is changing our future and how we interact with entertainment, advertising, retail, mobility and many more aspects of our lives. These new opportunities for start-ups and enterprises alike are brought together at more

Music + Mobile: New Opportunities for Sharing and Storytelling

Without sharing, there would be no such thing as a music industry. Sharing the songs that capture the moments of our lives and sharing our love of the artists who help create these moments. Through sharing their work and more

Passion for Lifelong Learning and Mobile Education

It would be impossible to have a conference on mobile without showing how these hand-held devices will change the way we educate the youth of today – and tomorrow. At the first MLOVE USA, we heard from both a leading p more