MLOVE Pulse Week 20

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Are TASK MANAGERS/KILLERS good for your Android device?

Androids are generally hard on battery. They drink the juice pretty fast. But, is using a task killer a great idea to save the juice? Guess what people you’re wrong! I was forced to write this as a lot of people active more

Talkin’ ‘Bout M-Generation

The emerging era of mobile payments will eventually offer ubiquity, security and a seamless user experience to billions. But for now the reality remains a fragmented market of non-standardized and often difficult-to-use more

Joel Spark, NanoSatisfi – MLOVE ConFestival 2013

Today, there’s more proof than ever before that anyone has the power to build something that can change the world. Imagine having the ability to create and launch your own satellite simply by harnessing the power of Ar more

Joe Braidwood, SwiftKey MLOVE ConFestival 2013

A great talk about the human element in social media from Joe Braidwood, CMO of Swiftkey. "Research shows, that people ages 16-24 are extremely susceptible to developing chronic health problems, and the least likely age more

MLOVE ConFestival USA 2013  Jérôme Nadel, Rambus

“The MLOVE initiative and events are symbolic of the true spirit of invention, bringing together the creativity, drive, and expertise of both entrepreneurial start-ups and established market leaders in a dynamic, yet i more

Mobile Arts Friday 3

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Mobile Arts Friday 3

Every Friday MLOVE sends you into the weekend with a new piece of inspiring mobile art. As you might have noticed, we started publishing the marvelous work of Benjamin Rabe, a frequent contributor to MLOVE ConFestivals, more

No more hidden workouts – go public!

At the end of April the world’s first individual workout app “Street Workout Squats” was launched for the iPhone. The developers promise an app “that guides you with the voice of your own virtual more

Adverts in tumblr microblogs

Users of the photo blog platform Tumblr will soon have mobile advertisements inserted into their updates, and they will largely look like normal posts. Users of smartphone apps will first see up to four spots per day, an more

Nike shoes adapt to instagram pictures

Nike has teamed up with Instagram to create an HTML5 app called "Nike PhotoiD". Users of the app can interactively configure their future Air Max shoes by selecting a photo from their own Instagram profile, whereupon "Ni more