MLOVE ConFestival USA – Speaker Announcement

We are happy to announce the first speakers for MLOVE ConFestival USA 2012

MLOVE ConFestival could maybe live without its festive atmosphere and could maybe survive if not taking place in fascinating locations. But a ConFestival would not be a ConFestival without its driving force (drum roll): MLOVE’s speakers.

The expertise of the community is representing an international mobile avantgarde which is inspiring, motivating, educating, and will give goosebumps through knowledge and personality. We traveled the world to find them and have worked hard to arrange panels covering the most current mobile topics from communication through music to connected cars… and many more. The MLOVE ConFestival agenda is promising a well-balanced mix of experienced MLOVE speakers and representatives of the latest and coolest technological developments.


Salim Ismail – Global Ambassador & founding Executive Director, Singularity University

Salim Ismail is a sought-after speaker, strategist and entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley. He travels extensively addressing topics including breakthrough technologies and their impact on a variety of industries.
Salim spent the last three years building Singularity University as its founding Executive Director and current Global Ambassador.


Creative Director, frog

Scott Jenson – Creative Director, frog

Scott Jenson is a Creative Director at frog, a user experience pioneer and a thoughtful futurist. As a battle scarred veteran of the software industry, he has shipped a consumer spreadsheet, been a part of 2 Mac OS releases, 5 Newton product cycles, 4 commercial web site revisions, designed 3 different mobile phone UIs, sworn at innumerable mobile browsers, and has about 20 patents.

Amish Patel

Amish Patel – Experience Design Producer – Microsoft | Interactive Entertainment Design (XBOX Design)

For the past couple years I have been working at Microsoft out of Seattle. I started as the Touch UX Program Manager for Windows 7 & Windows 8. Then just over a year ago I transitioned over to the amazing XBOX Design team as an Experience Design Studio Producer helping shape the next generation of hardware UX and our vision into the next generation of human input interaction design (aka Kinect, Voice, Touch,….)

Alfred Lui – Service Design Lead at Fjord

Alfred has spent the past 15 years in Design and Technology, investigating and defining the near-future for some of the mostwell-known companies in the world, including The BBC, Monotype Imaging, PayPal and Nokia.

Prior to joining Fjord, he spent 5 years as a Lead Designer for Motorola in Chicago.

Mobile Advertising

Gene Keenan – VP of Mobile Services at Isobar

Gene has been working in the digital space for the last 8 years leading the cutting edge of marketing innovation as Isobar’s VP of Mobile Services. In this role, Gene has won numerous Aegis Globe awards for his innovation and has been the recipient of industry awards including an MSNEMMY for his work on Adidas. 

Gene represents Isobar as a founding member of the Mobile Marketing Association.

Leslie Langan – Business Development & Marketing, AdJitsu by Cooliris

She works closely with advertisers, publishers, and networks to bring immersive ad solutions to the mobile space. As a self proclaimed “Ad Nerd” she is obsessed with the evolution and execution of branded messaging across all mediums and possesses a keen interest in the effect of technology on the branding environment.

Iryna Newman – Mobile Marketing Manager, Groupon

Iryna Newman leads the development of comprehensive marketing strategy for mobile user acquisition and engagement in Groupon’s Palo Alto office. She, along with the department she oversees, identifies and executes co-marketing initiatives with key mobile platforms and partners, works with the analytics team to quantify values and measure ROI, and defines the framework for hyper-local targeting and deal distribution.


Laura Diaz

Laura Diaz – Verizon Wireless, New Market Development and Strategy

Hailing from San Francisco, Laura currently works at Verizon Wireless doing New Market Development and Strategy. Laura works closely with early stage start-ups, bringing innovation and new technology to Verizon for consideration in strategic partnership, acquisition and/or investment.
She also works closely with strategic technology partners for delivering next generation mobile solutions and customer experiences on the network.


Josette Melchor, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Gray Area Foundation For The Arts

Josette Melchor is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Gray Area Foundation For The Arts (GAFFTA), a San Francisco non-profit dedicated to building social consciousness through digital culture.
As a community organizer, she led the development and launch of Seaquence, a product of Gray Area Labs, an artist-in-research program for creative technologies.

Heather Gallagher, Technology Dominatrix, Burning Man

Heather Gallagher (aka CameraGirl or CG) is the Technology Dominatrix for Burning Man, which is sort of like being the Technology Director, but with much better costumes. Heather is a recovering corporate IT consultant; having spent most of a decade supporting the telecommunications industry for a 3-letter acronym global services company.

Chester Santos

Chester Santos – One of the world’s foremost experts on memory training

He’s helped thousands of people around the world to realize the benefits of an improved memory and sharper mind, and has appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post, USA Today, PBS, CNN, and various other television, radio, and print media all over the world. Chester is also the 2008 USA National Memory Champion.
He has spoken for groups of CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, and prestigious universities including: the Royal University for Women in Bahrain, the Haas Graduate School of Business in Berkeley, and Harvard University.

Cathy Brooks – Communications and Social Strategy, EverythingMe

Cathy Brooks has spent her life saturated in media. She currently heads Communications and Social Strategy for EverythingMe a mobile search start-up that empowers users to find everything about anything. To slake her content creation thirst Cathy blogs and hosts The Conversation, a weekly, on-line program focusing on how technology is changing our world.

Connected Cars

Jessica Scorpio

Jessica Scorpio – Jessica is Founder & Director of Marketing at Getaround

Before Getaround, Jessica worked for the Government of Canada and founded IDEAL, a not-for-profit network for entrepreneurs and young leaders. Jessica is a Lieutenant Governor Award winner and a ePlanet Ventures Scholarship recipient. She studied Political Science and Business at Carleton University and is a graduate of the Singularity University Graduate Studies Program.

Di-Ann Eisnor

Di-Ann Eisnor – VP of Partnerships & Platform Waze

Di-Ann runs US operations and is crafting the cartography of “live mapping” for the crowd-sourced navigation and real-time traffic start-up, Waze. Diann is also founder and chairman of Platial, and founded Eisnor Interactive which was bought by Omnicom back in 2001. Di-Ann is a neogeography pioneer and serial entrepreneur employing all means to increase the world’s citizen mappers.

Mark Rigley

Mark Rigley – QNX, Manager, Concept Development Group

Mark’s work at QNX these days revolves around first imagining the future of the car as a platform for mobile technologies, and then bringing these ideas to reality with his team. Their latest project, a connected car featuring the QNX automotive software platform and Blackberry phones and tablets, won CNET’s Best In Show award at CES 2012 in the Car Tech category.

Brad Templeton

Brad Templeton – Singularity University, Advisor to Google and BitTorrent

Brad founded and designed the software for ClariNet Communications Corp., the first internet-based content company, then sold it to Newsedge Corporation in 1997. He is a director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the leading civil rights advocacy group for cyberspace, and chaired the foundation from 2000 to 2010. He writes and researches the future of automated transportation at and helping build them at Google.


Gabriella Draney – Cofounder and Managing Partner, Tech Wildcatters

Gabriella Draney is Cofounder and Managing Partner of Tech Wildcatters, a Top 10 seed accelerator for technology startups. Most recently she was with HP Growth Partners, an early stage venture fund in Dallas, where she served on the Board of CelAccess.  She co-founded an aircraft scheduling software company in 1998 that ended in a profitable exit, then went on to work for Morgan Stanley in private wealth management.

Mike Butcher

Mike Butcher – Editor of TechCrunch Europe

TechCrunch Europe has received numerous industry awards and Mike has been named one of the Top 50 most influential Britons in technology by The Daily Telegraph. He is a regular commentator on the technology business, appearing on BBC News, Sky News, Channel 4 and Bloomberg. Mike is also co-founder, of TechHub, a project to bring European technology entrepreneurs and investors together in a club environment, in London and San Francisco.

Andrew J Scott

Andrew J Scott

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur, most recently Co-Founding Magical Jaguar Inc, a mobile development house and digital consultancy. A passionate advocate of mobile technologies and consumer internet services, Andrew is also a Contributing Editor at Wired Magazine.


Aape Pohjavirta

Aape Pohjavirta – Founder, Leader at

Aape has been working in the mobile industry since 1997 in various management roles and has a solid track record of international product, technology, and business development including Ympyra, Sendandsee Ltd., Exomi Ltd. (acquired by Real Networks), Gotland Ring Ab, Vineyard Ltd. (acquired by F-Secure), C&M Capital, Sofi Securities (acquired by Kaupthing), and Brossco Systems (acquired by Artemis).


Beverly Jackson – Director of Marketing and Social Media for The Recording Academy, the producers of the GRAMMY Awards;

where she is a founding member of the Digital Strategy Team, playing a significant role in the recent record breaking viewership increases incorporating social media into the iconic television broadcast. She has more than 15 years of partnership marketing, branded entertainment and digital business development experience.

Vikter Duplaix – Singer, Producer, DJ

GRAMMY Nominated Singer/Producer/DJ/lifestyle event curator Vikter Duplaix is a musical alchemist weaving global culture, independent thought, fine arts and progressive music into a purely golden lifestyle. The Philadelphia native’s raw DJ skills were honed on the streets of Philadelphia along with turntable legends DJ’s Jazzy Jeff and Cash Money. His DJ sets and vocal performances have taken him all over the United States to Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and beyond.

Izzy Lawrence

Izzy Lawrence

Izzy has been making her mark as a TV presenter and new media entertainment blogger, working with some of the biggest brands in the world such as the Grammy’s, Spotify and Smirnoff. Reporting from red carpets, festivals and live events across the globe and totting up page views on her personal blog ( past the 30 million mark in the process.

Read more on and request your invite for MLOVE ConFestival USA today.



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