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What if we deleted all buttons and made music through movements?

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2012 MLOVE Mobile x Music Phantom

Music industry learning from young start-ups. Technology and marketers learning from the music industry. more

„Mobile music should use all features from mobile devices and that is the big difference to what recorded music used to be“ more

Check out the insights of MLOVE Mobile x Music – the series will include speakers like GRAMMY’s, Spotify, Roskilde Festival and more. more

Drop off your business card with your favorite song or artist written on the back of it. When you hear us playing your song at the event, come claim y more

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Mobile x Music – Win a Nokia Lumia 900 by showing your mixing skills.

Create the ultimate “Mobile X Music" playlist (consisting of at least 8 tracks) and win a chance to have your playlist featured in Nokia Music’s streaming service Mix Radio! more

Beverly Jackson, The Recording Academy

Finding music inspiration with the Grammys more

Karlheinz Brandenburg, Co-inventor of the MP3

In the last 10 years the music industry certainly has undergone big changes. One of them is that there is no longer one way to get known to the consumers, but there is a number of ways. more

Mobile is disrupting Music Discovery

How are social apps integrating music features into their platform? How will mobile technology change the music industry? more

Music Industry optimistic again

I think we have all the reasons to finally be optimistic again because we have established a healthy legal music landscape with services which are or soon will be better than piracy and with customers who are willing to more

Holger Weiss, CEO of Aupeo! Personal Radio

Shifting towards cross-platform music discovery services more

Carsten Steffen, CEO applaudTo

Give a warm welcoming applaudTo supporting artistic talents you Love! more

“Fans First” for SONY Music

There can be multiple visions which hold true in co-existence: One part of the vision is that there will still be the need of big players in the market who are able to leverage a top artist career and who can make a dif more

Creating a new Space for Music Promotion

Paul Nelligan, CTO/Founder of Audiofu discusses the need to help musicians build high quality websites by providing a framework of best practices for a music website, by integrating all their existing feeds in one place more

Stream of Purchase-ness: How is music traveling from A to Buying?

With new distribution channels and more convenient means to publish to the public, music rapidly adapted to the culture of the copy. more

RedBull Gives you Music & Media

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